About us

Nordtrice is a women owned candle making company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our firm was established in 2021 out of passion to Scandinavian design and colors. We found that the most popular white table candles are boring and need "a bit of shaping". We decided to give them an original design and colours. 
Our first product was a box of colorful and decorated 10 dip-dye candles that became a bestseller at our Danish customers. We still keep that design and develop it from by adding new designs and colours to the box. 

Candles coming out from our manufacture are handmade and produced of the best quality and possible sustainable products. We are owners of a candle store/showroom that is located next to our main office in Dyssegård, Denmark.

What makes our products standing out in the market? -Definitely a colorful and unique design and always original ideas for decorations, scents and branding that is admired by our customers from all around the world. Our collections are available in Scandinavian retailers such as Kremmerhuset or Louisiana Butik, European ones such as Fleux (Paris) or Daniel of Windsor, however our products are available in happy customers across the United States, Canada and Australia.


Nordtrice is taking part in tradeshows and markets across Denmark. From the beginning of 2022 we have started spreading creativity through the youngest ones and organised circular candle workshops.