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Taper candles- Summer vibes / Pink & Red Yellow Confetti

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A set of handmade candles in unique confetti colours, dipped and decorated in natural stearin wax. 

Candles are available as 5, 10, 15 or 20 pieces of one colour. You can mix them up with other colours of this collection. 

Made with natural stearin wax, these candles are perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself, thanks to their charming and also colorful packaging! 

Material: 100 % natural stearin wax 

H: 20 cm, Ø: 2,2 cm

Burning time: 6 hours

Size of the candle is made to fit all standard candle holders. 

Candles are made and decorated using original techniques in our candle studio in Copenhagen, Denmark 

Each candle is unique and the paint it handpicked. Therefore there can be small differences in between particular colours or placement of decorations. Thanks to these small differences, every candle is unique and you can be proud owning a candle that no one else has!