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Soy Scented Candle, Grapefruit XL size

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The grapefruit candle scent smells like fresh and tangy grapefruit. It starts with a zesty citrus scent, then becomes sweeter and more floral. The scent ends with a warm and comforting earthy sweetness. Overall, the grapefruit candle makes the room feel lively and refreshing

Candle is made of soy wax and scented with French highest quality candle perfume oil. Perfect for home, gift or as an additional item for a gift box. Bestseller for summer! Weight of one piece is 220 g and burning time is approx 30-35 hours. 

The scent of candle is intensive and fills up the whole room with a beautiful scent. Amazing also if you want to try, test and play with different types of scents, because we have 7 of them!

Hand poured in Denmark

Size of the can:
Height: 7,5 cm.
Diameter: 7,5 cm: 

Burning tip: during the first burn, allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the can for 2-3 hours max. While burning for the next time trim the wick and do this by breaking off the TOP black bits of the wick with your fingers.